Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Day 133

Around the corner there is a paving-stone in the pavement with a smile. 
I noticed it a few times when I cycled fast over it.
but when I turned around I couldn't find it. 
.. I thought it was something in my mind. 
Today I walked at that place and searched for it. 
 It wasn't an imagination, I found it.  The paving-stones are very old. I think from the 30's. 
There was someone working at the brick kiln who created this happy face. 
It makes me smile.



  1. What a fun find, you get the eagle eye award!

  2. It makes you wonder about the person who did it. He must have thought......"I will just put this funny little brick here and in many years time a lady with a camera will come searching for it". :-)

  3. That is so sweet and funny. Someone with a sense of humor... and a positive outlook :-)