Friday, June 2, 2017


You know that feeling that from one day to another all inspiration for taking pictures is gone, 
that feeling that there is an overload on 'lovely' things on the www, 
that feeling that you think who am I to throw more pictures on www. too....

Yes I'm dealing with those feelings. 

But actually, I'm doing fine, very fine.
 I read a book (Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi, it's very good)
I finished two shawls, I'm crocheting potholders (a lovely project to do in the sunny garde)
 and I'm working on
my quilt which has a summer feel to it too :-)

I will continue my main blog and I'm searching for another challenge/inspiration for my pictures.  

Thank you for following my 365 days challenge. 


Iceland, april 2017.


  1. Lucy, your beautiful photographs are different because they are yours. They show a part of your unique view, as do all the lovely things you create and share. Definitely good to think of going a different way and to look for a different challenge, it's all part of being the artist you are.

  2. Ik sluit me maar even aan bij de vorige spreker:-) gewoonndoen waar jij je goed bij voelt. Roep ik ook vaak tegen mezelf;-)

  3. Bedankt voor zovele mooie foto's hier! Ik heb ervan genoten.
    Prachtige foto als afsluiter op dit blog!!
    Groetjes, Liliane

  4. This is totally understandable and it is very kind of you to let us know why you want to stop, you really wouldn't be obligated to do so.
    I want to thank you for each and every picture you showed us/me. Many of them are even more than pictures, they are precious moments.
    I am looking forward to continue to follow your blog Quilting with the past.
    Have a lovely weekend and best wishes!

  5. Dank je wel Lucy voor alle mooie foto's en inspiratie.
    Ik heb er van genoten en hoop op een nieuwe uitdaging!
    Natuurlijk blijf ik je blog "quilting with the past" volgen!
    Fijn weekend.

  6. Hi Lucy, I had hoped all was well with you. I know the feeling too but limp along! I always love to see your photos and look forward to seeing where your inspiration takes you.